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Psychological interventions when properly delivered are evidence based, first-line treatments for OCD which can reduce symptoms, levels of distress and associated life difficulties and obstacles. Properly delivered psychological interventions have also been shown to have benefits for many people with related compulsive disorders such as Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), and problematic Body-focused Repetitive Behaviours (BFRB; Hair-Pulling Disorder - Trichotillomania, Excoriation Disorder).

CBT (E/RP). Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with exposure with response prevention (CBT - E/RP) is the first line psychological approach to treating OCD in adults, youth and children. In a standard format it broadly involves  – psychoeducation about the nature of OCD and factors contributing to the continuing symptoms; sessions of Exposure and Response Prevention; Cognitive Therapy, and strategies for self-managing symptoms. Including families in the process has been shown to be important particularly for children and teens.

OCDPSS takes a tailored approach to providing interventions for BDD and BFRP. This approach aims to understand the particular factors contributing to the problem for each individual and introduce specific strategies based on this understanding. These strategies include awareness training, context control and competing response training for BFRP and cognitive restructuring, exposure with ritual prevention and perceptual retraining for BDD.


Interventions selection – a pathways approach.  While CBT with E/RP undertaken with a trained clinician is the first-line psychological treatment for OCD other formats of delivery have been shown to have benefits. At OCDPSS we will discuss with you options or pathways for the provision of treatment depending on the nature of your OCRD, its degree of impact and your own personal circumstances and preferences. These pathways include:

  • Advice and recommendation of the most evidence-supported online OCRD support programs for self-management of your symptoms.
  • A few in-person or telehealth sessions for Psychoeducation and an initial E/RP and to develop with you a self- directed treatment plan.
  • Clinician guided ehealth where Professor O'Kearney will assist you work thought an evidence based internet OCRD program.
  • A course of CBT (E/RP) with Professor O'Kearney in person or via telehealth.

The initial approach is flexible and stepping up to more clinician involvement or down to more self-managed approach could be appropriate during the course of the intervention.

Whichever pathway you take OCDPSS will follow-up and assess how well this approach works for you and discuss ongoing support as required.

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